Your Office: Remote Team Edition

Did you know a growing 22% of our future workforce will be remote by 2025? The sudden shift to remote and hybrid work has been a major adjustment for many companies, but hiring managers across all industries are seeing positive outcomes from leveraging remote talent and independent professionals. Still, businesses have more work to do in creating flexible accommodations to keep up with the demands for remote and hybrid work, and what that looks like is to be determined by various factors—defining organizational success, in-person or virtual collaboration, leading team- and trust-building connections, and more. 

How do companies even begin to build an organization focused on those factors? As a company built by incredible remote professionals, Unreal Digital Group has made several observations on the pros and cons of remote work over the years. Although it has taken us time and quite a few learnings to build our team and network, we uncovered one of the keys to a successful remote organization. Creating a company culture that is truly supportive and empowering is what’s at the heart of happy, productive employees. 

What do most companies value? Results? Sure. Revenue? Yes. People? Always. People come first. Success doesn’t happen without a team, remote or not. Take it from us—there are plenty of articles, videos, and books that can point you in the right direction, but sometimes you need to think outside the office, or in this case, think like The Office, a popular sitcom too many know and love, to inspire you to build a successful remote or hybrid organization or use it as an example of what not to do. Hey, we could all use a light-hearted point of view, right?

Leave the misconceptions about remote work, culture, and productivity behind. Learn how to truly support and empower your team by actually getting to know your team—strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, obstacles, and more. Celebrate what each team member brings to the table and tell us who your remote team members would be if they acted as the cast members of The Office? If you spot characters below that remind you of your remote team, share this post and tag us on social media!

Your coworkers as fictional characters from The Office:

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